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Welcome to Rovinj!
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Rovinj Info offers you the largest list of private accommodations in Rovinj available on the Internet.
St. Thomas Church in Rovinj-Rovigno - Croatia

St. Thomas Church in Rovinj-Rovigno - Croatia from Inforovinj on Vimeo.

St. Thomas Church is situated 4 kilometers north of Rovinj, next to the old railway line that led from Rovinj to a small place Kanfanar. This edifice has a cross ground plan lately completed by a church tower placed on its north side. There is a six meters high apse, semicircular on the inside part and polygonal on the outside part.

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Rovinj offers quality hotels in the most attractive city zones and in the immediate vicinity of the sea and beaches.

Tourist settlements

Comfortable suites, the closeness of the sea and quality amenities make Rovinj’s tourist resorts an attractive accommodation for your summer vacation.

This part of our site shows the beaches in Rovinj with texts, interractive mapps, photographs and more. New beaches will be added soon...

Caravan and camping sites in Rovinj offer a summer vacation in the heart of nature and enjoyment in the aromas of the Mediterranean.


With its paradoxically shy reputation within the large, layered family of tourism branches, naturism, free body culture or simply nudism has four full four decades now been creating a special aura surrounding itself, a kind of quiet separation from the ordinary, consumer tourism demand patterns.

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We have more than 600 photographs of almost every part of Rovinj.
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