About us

Inforovinj.com was conceived in the spring of 2001.
Dalibor Talajic and Mladen Sever (Ars design) have been running it ever since.

In the fall of 2001, after careful planning and technical preparation, we approached the Tourist Board of Rovinj and presented them our vision of the portal for the promotion of Rovinj's tourist offer, especially the presentation of private accommodation in Rovinj.

At that time the Tourist Association of Rovinj (which was then led by Dario Činić) was also planning to make their first website, we agreed on mutual cooperation; Ars-design has been chosen to create the web pages of the Rovinj Tourist Board, and inforovinj.com was going to be a separate portal with a free presentation of the complete private accommodation offer in Rovinj.

In the early 2002, a call for free advertising on the Internet was sent out at the postal addresses of all registered renters of private accommodations in Rovinj. At that time, internet in this region was still in its infancy. The sole idea of a presentation of private accommodation enabling direct communication with potential guests via Internet was mostly considered impossible and even sneered upon :)

Very often we had to talk to the owners explaining how it all works: we were connecting their modems to the phone jacks and have created their first e-mail addresses.

2001 - the very first inforovinj.com pageThe first page on inforovinj.com - 2001

In 2002, the website of the Tourist Association of Rovinj and inforovinj.com were online.

A year later, a leading computer magazine in Croatia at that time, VIDI, included inforovinj.com and the Tourist Association of Rovinj among the ten best tourist websites in Croatia. To our knowledge, it never happened again in similar competitions for one destination to receive two awards for two different projects, and from the same web studio.

From 2004 inforovinj.com operates independently.

In the first few years inforovinj.com offered a handful of solutions that were new in this area (and beyond). One of them was the interactive map of the city of Rovinj made in Flash technology: until the publication of Google Maps it was almost unique and one extremely useful service.

Originality of content is one of the basic postulates of our business; from original programming solutions to the original photographs as well as everything else related to the promotion of Rovinj and published on our website.

Today, 21 years after our ambitious start, the Internet has a number of very high quality (and lower quality as well) web destinations that promote Rovinj tourist offer. This possibility of selection or combination of presentations is very helpful to the renters of private accommodation, and we are immensely pleased that thanks to our quality, knowledge and enthusiasm, we still have the confidence of a large number of renters.