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The coast of Rovinj is well known for its indentedness and variety and it is characterized through stones and rocks.

Those who can't imagine their summer holiday without fine sand might be initially disappointed, but very soon they will become aware of the beauty and the charm of the coast which has a lush submarine life and where every beach is different and certainly represents something worth exploring.


Lone Bay

Lone BayLone Bay is one of the most frequented beaches in Rovinj, so we have every reason to call Lone Bay the town beach.

Golden Cape

Kurent BayKurent Bay is the most visited bay in this coastal area. Another advantage is the old ciniferous forest which provides shade thoughout the day.

Cisterna Bay

Cisterna BayThe beaches in Cisterna and Bačvice Bay are the most beautiful beaches at the entire southern coast of Rovinj.


MonteFor those who find accommodation in the Old Town, this beach will only be a few minutes walk away.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge beach in Lone Bay, is the new town beach made anew in 2014.


Škaraba BayThe coast is mostly rocky with a few small bays covered with small round stones.

Cuvi Bay

Cuvi BayIn this coastal part the beaches are very well-attended due to the gravels and pebbles and the easy access to the sea.

Villas Rubin

Villas Rubin ResortNorth to the quay there are well-kept beaches which have been awarded with the Blue Flag certificate.

Gustinja Bay

Guštinja Bay The access to the sea is easy and the beaches are very suitable for children.

Cape Gustinja

Guštinja CapeThe beaches are mostly stony and have more or less acessible coastal parts.

Porton biondi

Porton biondi What beach Porton Biondi makes it particularly attractive for guests is a beautiful view of Rovinj peninsula.

Bay under the hospital

Under the Hospital Bay The coast is rocky, but there are two sandy bays very frequented by bathers.

Red Island

Red Island (Crveni otok) Red Island (Crveni otok), one of the most renowned tourist locations in Rovinj.


Amarin Resort The coast is mostly rocky with a few sandy coves. There is a beautiful view of the island Figarola and the old town of Rovinj.

Dagita Bay

Dagita Bay The beaches in Dagita-Bay are mostly stony and rocky with a difficult access to the sea

camping Vestar

The most attractive one is certainly the beach within the campsite, in the middle of the bay, which is made of fine and tiny gravels.

St. Catherina Island

It is only some hundred meters away from the town center so that it is very easy to reach it by taxi-boats.

Cape Babo

Cape Babo is the part of the coast where the so-called wild beaches start.

camping Polari

For the most part the coast in this area is stony and some beaches are paved with cobble stones.

Koronsun Bay

Koronsun Bay is a small gravely bay nearby which a restaurant is located.