For boaters

Skipper License

  • Each boat must have a registration issued by the Harbour Master in Rovinj (tel.00385/52 811-132).
  • Before any entry or exit from Croatia you should present to the border crossing a certified list of crew and passengers.
  • Registration is issued upon each arrival by sea or by land.
  • Registration is valid for one year from issuance.
  • Dinghies to three meters in length and engine up to 4 ps you do not have to report.


  • Skimming is allowed at 300 meters from the mainland and the island, except in areas where it is prohibited.
  • Scooters are allowed at 300 meters from the mainland and the island, except in areas where there is no ban.

Important for boat owners

  • Rowing boats, surfboards and surfing, canoes, kayaks, gondolas, canoes and pedal boats must sail at a distance of 50 m from the shore. In the water area near the beach yachts and boats must sail at a distance greater than 50 meters from the fence beaches and 150 meters from the shore of the natural beaches.
  • Swimmers can be up to 100 meters away from the shore.
  • Before each trip inquire about weather conditions. If forecasts are unfavorable, it is best not ashore! DO NOT go to sea without proper weight anchor and rope length at least 50 meters and other mandatory equipment.
  • If you prick to a fish, immediately squeeze the blood out of the wound and kept the wound in hot water. Seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • In the area of ​​the City of Rovinj port, it is strictly prohibited to the discharge into the sea of oily and polluted water, waste oil, and any other oily or solid materials.
  • Fairway and floating objects can discharge their storage of solid and liquid wastes, oily water, faeces and cargo residue and any other pollutant only at locations in or outside the port, where there are facilities for the disposal of such waste. Contact Port of Rovinj tel. 00385/52/814-166.

Weather forecast

  • Contact Port Authority, tel. 00385/52/811-132. Meteorological report is displayed at the Port Authority, Rovinj, Obala P. Budicina 1.

Contacts for boaters in Rovinj

ACI marina Rovinj

Adress: Šetalište Vijeća Europe 1 52210, Rovinj
tel: 00385 52 813133
fax: 00385 52 842366

Yachts and Boats Charter

Andre tours

Adress: Tommasea Niccoloa 11 52210, Rovinj
tel: 00385 52 817376
fax: 00385 52 817376


Adress: ACI Marina 52210, Rovinj
tel: 00385 52 815670
fax: 00385 52 814161

Excursions Marija

tel: 00385 52 818187


Adress: I. M. Ronjgova 1 52210, Rovinj
tel: 00385 91 6065566
fax: 00385 52 814664