Beaches in Rovinj: Skaraba

Skaraba Cape is located around 3 km from the town center. Its location within the Forest Park Golden Cape (Zlatni rt) gives it a special charm. Skaraba Cape can be reached by car, which can be left at the parking lot near the ex amusement center MONVI. A nice, enjoyable ten-minute walk will take you from the parking lot to the beaches. You can also reach Skaraba Cape by bicycle, taking a ride from the town center via Lone Bay and then enjoying a pleasant ride through the beautiful landscape and rich vegetation surrounding the well-kept bicycle lanes of the Golden Cape.

Along with the indigenous species such as the strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo), bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) and evergreen laurustinus shrubs (Viburnum tinus), the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and coastal oak-tree (Quercus ilex) forests are dominant in the area.

Beaches in Rovinj: Skaraba


The coast is mostly rocky with a few small bays covered with small round stones. In the western part there are several beaches with somewhat higher rocks suitable for diving.

However, this part of Skaraba Cape doesn’t offer any kind of services, gastronomic or sanitary. To find service you will have to walk a little bit further west towards Kurent Cape and Kurent Bay, where you can enjoy your meals at a restaurant or a snack-bar. The restaurant is placed at the tip of Kurent Cape (in a stone building, which was used as a stable for Count Huetterott’s horses when he was traveling to and from the Red Island a hundred years ago). From the Cape you will enjoy a beautiful view of Kurent Bay and St. Andrew’s Island.

The beaches at this part of the coast are very frequented, especially in the western area. Many people come to the Balzamake beach, which can be a pretty crowded place in August. To find more privacy and less people, take the road to the tip of Skaraba Cape where you will find a beautiful beach with flat stones suitable for sunbathing. The western area of the Cape is a very rocky coast, which makes the access to the sea rather difficult therefore the beaches are less frequented and are not recommended to elderly people or small children.

East of Skaraba Cape there is the Big Skaraba Bay in which you will find the remnants of an old restaurant no longer in use. Here you will also see a pier, which is to many guests a favorite place for swimming and diving. The beach is covered with small round stones.

In the well-indented coastal area with a number of small bays, hidden within dense vegetation, you will often come across nudists. Although the beaches are not specified as naturist, many people choose to enjoy the sea and the sun in this way with a reserved toleration of other swimmers.

Beaches in Rovinj: Skaraba


Many old guests of the town of Rovinj, those who visited Rovinj ten years ago or more, remember Skaraba beach as one of the best-known beaches of Rovinj.

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