Beaches in Rovinj: Camping Vestar

Veštar Bay is 5 km away from Rovinj. In order to reach this part of the coast you have to take the road to Pula and turn right at the locality Kokuletovica, which is 4km away from the town center. This road will lead you the Camping Veštar which is only accessible by car for users of the camping. If you wish to use the services that are located within this campsite, you can park there and continue to walk to the beach (around 200m). In the camping you will find a restaurant, a store, tennis courts and other sports grounds, sanitary facilities for disabled people, showers, etc.

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You can reach Veštar Bay even with your car: you have to take the unasphalted logging path which turns left some ten meters before the campsite entry. In order to reach Veštar-Bay you have to follow the path, turning right at every crossroads. The path is maintained on an annual basis, holes are patched up and the vegetation is trimmed so that you won't damage your vehicle, although this might happen afterall while parking close to bushes and low trees along the coast. There are no parking places put in place and the Camping Veštar itself is some kind of civilisation border. Behind it, the so-called wild coast stretches which you can reach through a number of logging paths and where you mostly won't find any additional services. This path leads you also to the private Camping Mon Paradis which is located close by the southern border of the Camping Veštar.

For your swim in the sea you can chose among a number of different kinds of beaches. The most attractive one is certainly the beach within the campsite, in the middle of the bay, which is made of fine and tiny gravels, whereas the ground in the sea is made of fine sand which makes walking or playing ball a special pleasure. The northern part is stony with small round stones, reserved for nudists, whereas the southern part, as far as Cape Babo and further, is mostly rocky with smaller bays that are more suitable for accessing the sea.

In Veštar-Bay you can rent a berth for your craft and thus use your summer holiday for swimming at remote beaches on the southern side of Rovinj that will give you all the required privacy if you wish to swim on your own and to enjoy the beauty and the sounds of the intact nature.