Beaches in Rovinj: Bay Koronsun

Koronsun Bay is a small gravely bay nearby which a restaurant is located.

The beach stretches only as far as a couple of meters along the coast, but it is very attractive and suitable for children. There, you can also rent deck chairs, pedal boats and canoes.

Around the bay there are no suitable swimming beaches. The cliffs are sharp and scattered around with a difficult access to the sea.

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To the south, around 300 meters away Cuvi Bay is located, where the beaches are mostly gravely. North from Koronsun Bay, Cape Rusi stretches, where you can find beautiful beaches only on its northern side. Cape Rusi (also known under the name of Škaraba, which is 200 meters to the north) used to be a very well known and well attended swimming-beach, partly because of its beaches and partly because of its pizza place that used to be there but which has been torn down.

This part of the Cape is also rocky, but the rocks have the shape of big massive plates that fall directly into the sea. On these rocks you can lie and take a sunbath, whereas the ground is covered with round stones. These beaches are especially attractive to those people who love to jump into the sea.

This part of the coast borders on Golden Cape and it is connected with well taken care of gravely paths which are ideal for bicycle rides and evening walks. You can park your car at the entrance of the former town of Škaraba and take a few-minute walk to the beach.