Caution in the sea

While diving, do not swim too far into the open sea and don't dive without a signal balloon which shows your location to fishing and speed boats!

Please, be careful with your waste disposal – mostly, wild beaches don't have dumpsters, and each, even the smallest plastic bottle or plastic bag is jeopardizing the natural eco-system and is leaving a strong impression of dirtiness on these intact parts of the nature. Therefore, please, take your litter with you, put it in a plastic bag and throw it into the nearest dumpster.

Caution in the sea


Bear the possibility in mind that in some remote bays your mobile phone might not have a signal.

It is strictly forbidden to light fire along the coastside. Summer draughts are facilitating the fire expansion which is very difficult to extinguish and which causes an immense damage.

Before jumping into the sea, it is important that you become familiar with the beach and the sea depth at this spot: the shimmering of the sea and the change of high and low tide can be misleading so that jumps into the water sometimes result in heavy injuries!

By the Act on the Protection of Nature, all turtles, sea mammals, pen shells (Pinna nobilis), the Mitra zonata shells and the Giant Triton Shells (Charonia tritonis) are protected in Croatia. The catching, disturbing or trading of these species is strictly forbidden!