Beaches in Rovinj: Cape Babo

Cape Babo is about 5 km away from Rovinj. To reach this part of the coast, you have to go by car and take the road to Pula. When you reach the locality Kokuletovica (which is 4 km away from the town center) you have to turn right and follow the road until the Camping Veštar.

In order to be able to continue to Cape Babo you have to take the unasphalted logging path which turns left some ten meters before the campsite entry, after which you follow the path, turning right at every crossroads. Every year this path is renovated, holes are patched up and the vegetation is trimmed so that you won't damage your vehicle, although you have to be careful while parking close to bushes and low trees.

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There are no regulated parking places and camping Veštar itself is on the edge of the tourist area. South of the camp you'll find the so-called wild coast which you can reach via a number of routes. The next Beach bar after camping Vestre is after a couple of miles in the Cisterna bay.

In this region the Meditteranean shrubland (macchia) is prevalent where the coastal oaktree (Quercus ilex) dominates. From August on, you will certainly be attracted to the yellow-greenish fruits of Christ's thorn (Paliurus spina - christi), the vivid red fruits of the wild rose (Rosa canina), the delicious fruits of the blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) and many other native kinds which give a special charm to the vegetation in this season of the year.

As we already mentioned, Cape Babo is the part of the coast where the so-called wild beaches start, so on these beaches there are no sports grounds, sanitary facilities, food or other kind of services. However, Cape Babo is located near the camping Veštar, so in case you forget something or want to enjoy some sports activities, you can reach it after 10-15 minutes to walk.

The beaches are mainly stony with a difficult access to the sea, but every 50 to 100 meters there are more accessible little bays that are more attractive for those people who wish to spend their summer holiday dipped in nature, peace and quiet. This doesn't mean that you will always be able to find a place in July and August, on the contrary, we recommend to follow the example of more experienced swimmers and to leave for the beach earlier and to plan, if possible, a whole day stay at the sea.

We also recommend that you take a sunshade with you or some similar kind of sun protection, since it is not advisable to expose oneself too much to the sun bewteen 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

If you are not taking the seaway, the easiest way to access Cape Babo is to go on foot, since the paths that are following this part of the coastline are not very well-kept and they are very often overgrown and disappear in the lush vegetation. You can walk to Veštar Bay along the coastside or take a shortcut through the Cape by taking a wider pathway that you can cross with your bicycle (not recommended for small children) and which starts somewhere in the middle of the bay and passes by an illegale restaurant (see map). This pathway has a hidden surprise: it leads to the most beautiful bay in that part of the coast: covered with natural pebbles it is ideal for everybody, especially children.

It is not necessary to emphasize that the beaches at Cape Babo are suitable for nudists. Since there are no "written rules", it is up to you to chose what you prefer most.